We came across this fabulous blogpost by Clare Rimmer, owner of Kip McGrath Lisburn and wanted to share with everyone.

Some great handy hints at how to best remember these high frequency words.

Top 10 misspelled words and how to remember them

Some words are easy to remember how to spell and others leave your brain straining every time you use them.

Here is a list of 10 words we really should stop misspelling and a few handy hints for getting them right.

1. Necessary – commonly spelt neccessary

Remember:  One “collar” and two “socks”.  Necessary

2. Separate –  commonly spelt seperate

Remember:   Never separate a para from his parachute!  Separate

3. Weird – commonly spelt wierd

Remember:  We…ir…d


4. Believe –  commonly spelt beleive

Remember:  There is always a lie in believe.

5. Friend – commonly spelt freind

Remember:  A friend is a friend until the end!

6. Accommodation – commonly spelt acommodation or accomodation

Remember:  Accommodation has two cots and two mattresses.

7. Beautiful – commonly spelt beutiful

Remember:  It is important to “be a beautiful person.

8. February– commonly spelt Feburary

It is brrrrr cold in February.


9. Because –  the ending of this word is tricky to remember.

Remember:   Big Elephants Can’t Always Understand Small Elephants  Because

10. A lot – This is commonly spelt as one word – alot

Remember:  You do not write alittle so don’t write alotA lot is two separate words.

For more spelling tips visit the bbc skillwise website.

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