One of our pupils recently spent their work experience week at our centre. Our parents were happy for her to shadow us during teaching. She had to write up a report for an oral presentation at school and is happy for me to share it with you.


Hello, my name is Gina and I was recently given the opportunity of a placement at Kip McGrath Ashford. Many of you may recognise me because I have helped you or because I am also a pupil at Kip. My first impressions were of excitement over what was coming yet there was also a feeling of dread: I have heard recounts of many unfortunate souls who had to make tea all week or just sort out enormous stacks of files.


On the first day I arrived at 11am and Simon started giving me an introduction to the “business side” of kip which I never knew existed. When the pupils arrived in the afternoon I worked with a pupil per session – and I made sure that the pupils were 3 years younger than me and left the older ones to Simon! Most pupils did Maths and I thought teaching them would be no problem until I met with the question “what was the quotient of 40 and 5?” and then my fictional dream was shattered. I sat there dumbly thinking what the word ‘quotient’ meant whilst Emily (my first ever pupil who was in Yr4) sat there staring at me with hopeful eyes. I would like to add that she was 6 years younger than me therefore the situation was humiliating for me. I gave up and asked Simon. I was bewildered that such a complicated word had such simple origins. On the other hand I managed to accomplish my target which was to take part in tutoring children. Simon praised me for my good work.


So each day I learnt something new about business and how important coffee is for function, especially if you have a long day ahead of you – and in a room full of pupils caffeine is really handy.


My time with Kip McGrath made me realise the responsibility of being an adult. I saw through the eyes not as a pupil but rather as a tutor. It dawned on me the vast trust between parents and tutors in Kip. The parents have complete confidence in the their ability. I hope that during my time in Kip they had faith in me as well.


There are a few things I would improve if this was my business.:

  1. 1.    Become friends on Facebook with all pupils or parents who currently use this social media. Everyone is on Facebook now.
  2. 2.    There should be videos on the main website. If you can’t use videos then add them in Youtube from a link on the Kip McGrath website
  3. 3.    Most people who come to Kip have been recommended by a friend so to increase those recommendations I’d be blogging all the time.
  4. 4.    I didn’t know that Kumon tutors weren’t real teachers. I would make sure that everyone in Ashford also knew this. That would increase pupils coming to Kip.


I have really enjoyed my week at Kip. I would like to thank Sally and Simon for allowing me a placement with them.

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