One of the most common questions we get asked is about who comes to tuition, who our service is for.

In reality every child really is different, we don’t pigeonhole them at all, but here are a few generalised categories to give you an overview of how we might be able to help your child.



Is your child starting school next September? Our Pre Schoolers courses equip your child with the basic numeracy, literacy and co ordination skills to make a confident start in Reception Year.


Rates of progress vary wildly in Year R and Year 1. If your child is finding work either too hard or too easy we can provide the back to basics or challenge they require.


As Yr 2 – Yr 6 children move on to more challenging work they can often struggle if the basics are not in place. Our work with Primary Foundation children is aimed at filling in those learning gaps to create a solid foundation for your child to catch up, keep up and move on to Primary Advanced.


Bright children in Yr 2 – Yr 4 can often switch off if they are not stretched or challenged. More of the same is not extension work! Our work with these children is two fold; we provide meaningful, varied and extended learning and to ensure that the foundations are in place for 11+ success.


Are you thinking about the 11+ for your child? We offer all the skills, methods and techniques necessary for 11+ success. We also run 11+ courses  throughout the year.


Good SATS results ensure your child is placed in the appropriate set in Secondary School, including Grammar school. The jump to secondary school is huge and some children actually regress during Yr.7. Our work is designed to both ensure a smooth transition and to help your child get ahead in Yr.7

Secondary Foundation

Has your Yr 7 – Yr9 teenager moved down a set? Are you concerned that your child isn’t getting the support they need? Our secondary Foundation work focuses on filling in learning gaps so your child can hold their own in school – catch up, keep up and get ahead.

Secondary Advanced

Is your teenager generally coping well with  Yr.7 – Yr.9 work but isn’t really being challenged? Perhaps your child lacks confidence in asking for help but would benefit from a weekly touch base with a teacher who can sort out the problem and accelerate them forward. Our Secondary Advanced teaching provides the support and challenge your child needs.


Does your Yr10 – Yr11 teenager need help to achieve their target grade in Maths, English, Science or History ? We offer a number of accelerated learning programs and specific subject expertise to help your child achieve the grades they need.

A Level Maths

Is your teenager finding the jump to A Level Maths challenging? Do they need help with new learning or simply a place to consolidate and practise what they’ve been taught with expert guidance at hand? We can help.

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